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Picture of Dr. Elza HuffardEach year Ohio Valley University presents the Huffard Forum in honor of the late Elza Huffard, former president of Northeastern Christian Junior College.

The Forum was established during the consolidation of Ohio Valley University and Northeastern Christian Junior College to provide a lasting tribute to Dr. Huffard and to provide a scholarly Biblical study event as a service to Churches of Christ in the northeastern United States.

For general information regarding the Huffard Forum, contact G. K. Pennington in the Ohio Valley University Bible Department at 304-865-6128 or email .

In the 2001-2002 academic year, the Huffard Forum moved from the fall semester to the spring.

In 2010 it moved back to the fall.


2010-2011:  Carlus Gupton, "Leadership S.M.A.R.T.S."
2007-2008:  Mike Tune, "Why Christianity is Important"
2006-2007:  Charles Siburt, "Healthy Leadership For Anxious Times"
2005-2006:  John Mark Hicks, "Five Anchors for the Soul: Trusting God in the Storms of Life"
2004-2005:  Evertt Huffard, "Strengthening the Church and the Home"
2003-2004:  Tom Olbricht, "He Loves Forever: The Message of the Old Testament"
2002-2003:  David Keller, "Power in Practicing the Christian Disciplines"
2001-2002:  Bill Bowen, "Moving From First Principles to Spiritual Maturity"
2000-2001:  Harold Hazelip, "Ethics at the Margins of Life"
1999-2000:  F. LaGard Smith, "We Would See Jesus"
1998-1999:  Thomas Olbricht, "Beautiful Feet"
1997-1998:  John Barton, "By the Power of God: Studies in 2 Timothy"
1996-1997:  Lynn McMillon, "Making a Difference in Our World"
1995-1996:  Ted Thomas, "Our Spiritual Heritage"
1994-1995:  Evertt Huffard, "Dry Bones to Living Stones"

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