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44th Annual Ohio Valley College Bible Lectureship
April 7-10, 2002
"Proclaiming Boldly and Unhindered: Studies in the Book of Acts"

Confirmed Lectureship Schedule

Sunday, April 7
Monday, April 8
Tuesday, April 9
Women's Program
Wednesday, April 10
8:45 a.m. Class
[Worship in Area Churches]
+Phil Slate, The Holy Spirit in Acts--1 [NC Chapel]
+Mark Hooper, Understanding Islam [NC Aud]
+Phil Slate, The Holy Spirit in Acts--2 [NC Chapel]
+Jimmy Jividen, Church Growth in Acts--1 [Isom Lecture Hall]
+Phil Slate, The Holy Spirit in Acts--3 [NC Chapel]
+Chip Hartzell/Chuck Smith, Camping and Church Growth [NC Aud]
10 a.m. Keynote
[Worship in Area Churches]
Howard Norton, "The Overlooked Mission Field" [NC Chapel]
Bailey McBride, "Islam and Christianity in the Pacific Rim" [NC Chapel]
Bob Brown, "God-Fearers in Every Nation" [NC Chapel]
11 a.m. Chapel
[Worship in Area Churches]
Jack Evans
Bob Brown
Pat Pugh
11 a.m. Classes
[Worship in Area Churches]
+Bob Brown, The Battle for Minds [NC Aud]
+Howard Norton, Missions: Molding the Message for Gentiles [Isom Lecture Hall]
+Harold Shank, The Proclamation of Christianity and the Media [NC Aud]
+Jimmy Jividen, Church Growth in Acts--2 [Isom Lecture Hall]
+Chip Hartzell/Chuck Smith, Camping and Evangelism [NC Aud]
+Tom Olbricht, Media and Evangelism in Early Restoration History [Isom Lecture Hall]
No schedule
Christian Chronicle Luncheon
(Bailey McBride, host) [location TBA]
+Ladies Luncheon [Fox Dining]
+Other Luncheons TBA
Luncheons TBA
1:45 p.m. Panels
No schedule
Islam (Evans, Hooper, Wes Harrison) [NC Chapel]
Christian Media (McBride, Andy Baker, Shank, Olbricht) [NC Chapel]
Difficult Questions/Passages in Acts (Slate, Bruce Terry, Wes Harrison) [NC Chapel]
3:00 p.m. Classes
No schedule
+Jack Evans, Boldly and Unhindered: Reaching Islamic People [NC Chapel]
+Tom Olbricht, Restoration History in 1832--1 [NC Aud]
+Paul Clark, Boldly and Unhindered: Becoming a Missional Church For The Northeast [NC Chapel]
+Tom Olbricht, Restoration History in 1832--2 [NC Aud]
+Jimmy Jividen, Church Growth in Acts--3 [Isom Lecture Hall]
+Bob Brown, Boldly and Unhindered: Missions in Latin America [NC Chapel]
+Tom Olbricht, Restoration History in 1832--3 [NC Aud]
+Pat Pugh, Thinking Inner-City Ministry [Isom Lecture Hall]
4:45 Evening Meals
No schedule
Friends of the Library, Speaker, Phil Slate [Fox Dining]
Lectureship Dinner, Speaker, Bob Brown [Fox Dining]
No Meal Scheduled--Dinner on your own
7:00 p.m. Evening Sessions
Howard Norton, Proclaiming Boldly and Unhindered [NC Chapel]
Jack Evans, Proclaiming Boldly and Unhindered to the Nations [NC Chapel]
Harold Shank, Proclaiming Boldly and Unhindered to the Cities [NC Chapel]
Phil Slate, Boldly Breaking Barriers [NC Chapel]

Women's Program
Joy On The Journey: Celebrating The Seasons Of A Woman's Life
Guest Speaker, Sally Shank

[Note: The women's program will be held on Tuesday, with the first class at 10:00 a.m. A brief devotional will begin shortly before the first class. A ladies' luncheon will be held at noon. We hope this schedule will allow mothers, women's groups from area churches, and Ohio Valley College faculty and staff a better opportunity attend some or all of the sessions. Registration for lunch will be required in advance. All of the women's program activities will be held in Fox Dining Hall.]
Tuesday, April 9, 9:45 a.m.
Tuesday, April 9, 10:00 a.m.
Tuesday, April 9, 11:00 a.m.
Tuesday, April 9, 12:00 noon
Autumn Winds - Joy Through Change
Winter Storms - Joy Through Sorrow
Ladies' Luncheon
Spring Rainbows - Joy Through Hope

Audiotapes and Videotapes

Information and order forms for tapes of the annual Ohio Valley College Bible Lectureships are available at www.nationalmediaservices.com/ovu.html.
This site also provides links to purchase tapes of past lectureships, Inman Forums, and the Mid-Atlantic fellowship (supported but not sponsored by OVU). This site is maintained by

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