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Ministers Looking for Churches

August 13, 2019 Update

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Ministers Looking Form
This page is regularly maintained by the Bible program. If your submission is not posted within a week, please contact to check the status of your entry rather than resubmitting multiple times. Posting times may take longer in the summer.

Ohio Valley University is a Christian university associated with Churches of Christ which use only a cappella music in their assemblies. This page is maintained by the OVU Bible department as a service to these Churches of Christ and ministers in the United States and Canada. Other church and minister listings are not posted here. Within the context of these guidelines, ministers are encouraged to submit information to be included on this page since only those specifically requesting a listing will be included. References and their contact information are not posted.

Those desiring to submit information are requested to use the Ministers Looking Form.

Important Note: Because of the potential anonymity provided by email contact, no claim is made concerning the faithfulness or doctrinal positions of persons listed on this page. Churches using this list should carefully check the credentials of those they choose to contact.

Full-Time / Part-Time

[Note: Listings appear in reverse order of request for the listing, most recent first; resubmissions may appear in their original order with updated information.]

8/13/2019—Dan Harrell
Position Requested: Part-time Pulpit Minister
401 Hillwood Blvd
Nashville, TN 37205
Home phone: (615) 351-3113 Office Phone: (615) 862-5132 Cell Phone: (615) 351-3113
Marital Status: Engaged
Desired Salary: negotiable
  • Bachelor of Science Agriculture Abilene Christian University
Experience: 35 years Preaching and Teaching
Notes: I work for the University of Tennessee as an Extension Agent in Nashville Davidson County, Tennessee
Earliest date Available: September 2019


6/20/2019—Larry Wofford
Position Requested: Full-time Pulpit Minister
1005 Rood Avenue
South Beloit, IL 61080
Home phone: (608) 302-2902 Office Phone: (815) 389-3374 Cell Phone: (608) 302-2902
Marital Status: Married w/ Children: 2
Desired Salary: 40,000.00 YEARLY
Other Requests: plus housing
  • Certificates, Brooklyn Community Access Television, (BCAT) Twice Certified BCAT Producer, 72 hours, Brooklyn Community Access Television Station, Brooklyn, NY (2007)
  • Masters of Divinity, Biblical and Theological Studies, 3 years, Western Reformed Seminary, (2004), Tacoma, WA
  • Bachelors of Arts Equivalency, Biblical and Religious Studies, 3 years, Western Reformed Seminary, (2004), Tacoma, WA
  • Diploma, Basic Non Commissioned Officer Course, Leadership Course, 156 Hours, NCO Academy, (2002) Redmond, WA
  • Certificate, Couples Communication Course, 8 hours, U. S. army Family Life Center (2000), Fort Riley, KS
  • Diploma, Primary Leadership Development Course, U. S. Army NCO Academy, (1997), Fort Lewis, WA
  • Certificate, Combat Lifesaver Medical Course, 40 hours, U. S. Army (1996), Fort Lewis, WA
  • Certificate, 44 Passenger Bus Driver Course, 40 hours, U. S. Army (1992), Fort Hood, TX
  • Diploma, Chaplain Assistant Course, 10 weeks, U. S. Army Chaplain School and Center, (1990), Fort Monmouth, NJ
  • Associates of Arts, Bible and Religious Education, Southwestern Christian College (1989), Terrell, TX
  • Diploma, Hawkins High School, Hawkins, TX (1975)
  • Participated in Numerous Personal Evangelism Campaigns, Teachers Workshops, and Preacher Workshops.
  • Was trained and ordained as a Bible School Teacher in the North Tenaha Church of Christ Bible School in Tyler, TX in 1985-1986.
  • Served under the late Brother Mac H. Wright as his Associate Minister at the Eastside Church of Christ in Hawkins, TX in 1987-1989
  • Worked as the minister of the Neches School Road Church of Christ in Palestine, TX. (1989)
  • Facilitated and taught bible classes at the San Saba State Correctional Facility in San Saba, TX where as of February 2013, 500 souls had been baptized into the Church of Christ
  • Served as Evangelist/Head Minister at Eastside Church of Christ in Hawkins, TX
  • Experienced in visitation of convalescent homes, hospital ministries and personal evangelism
  • Experienced in working 24 hour Crisis Line, and counseled suicidal personnel on numerous occasions
  • Experience in the Family Life Ministry by running the First Corps Family Life Center as the Noncommissioned Officer in Charge (NCOIC) while stationed at Fort Lewis, WA
  • Established the Tongduchong Church of Christ in the City of Tongduchong, South Korea on 10 October 1999.
  • Labored with congregations in the Tacoma/Seattle area and taught in-home Bible Classes in the cities of Tacoma, University Place, Lacey, Parkland, Federal Way, and Olympia, Washington
  • Preached and taught bible classes at the Warner Street Church of Christ, the Central Church of Christ, and the Portland Avenue Church of Christ all in Tacoma, WA
  • Served as Educational Director for the Warner Street Church of Christ for three years
  • Conducted two Eighty-One Hour Teachers/Leadership Training Courses at the Warner Street Church of Christ and One at The Portland Avenue Church of Christ appointing a total of 37 Bible School Teachers in the Tacoma/Seattle area and set their Bible Schools in order
  • While laboring at the Portland Avenue Church of Christ, also preached the gospel at the Women's Correctional Facility located in Purde, WA.
  • Served as Chairman/President of the Board of Trustees for the Portland Avenue Church of Christ in Tacoma, WA
  • Preached and taught the Gospel of Christ at the Adams Street Church of Christ located in Junction City, KS under the leadership of Brother Lancelot Watson
  • Participated in a Personal Evangelism Campaign with Brother Lancelot Watson and the brothers at Adams Street Church of Christ, which produced numerous baptisms.
  • Conducted a thirteen week Marriage and Couples Communication Class in Federal Way, WA
  • Produced & conducted a radio program titled ?A Voice Crying In The Wilderness? in Killeen, TX , Tyler, TX, and Lakewood, WA
  • Was involved in the Prison Ministry in the City of Tacoma and Pierce County, Washington
  • Was privileged to speak on the Northeastern Lectureship at the Harlem Church of Christ in New York, NY in 2007 and 2010
  • Conducted an Eighty-One Hour Teacher?s Training Course at the Harlem Church of Christ under the leadership of Brothers O. J. Shabazz and R. C. Wells where Deacons in training were taught and this class also produced thirty four Bible School Teachers who graduated and were appointed as Bible School Teachers in November 2010.
  • Conducted a Gospel Meeting/Campaign in Falmouth, Jamaica in 2007 where several baptisms were conducted in the Caribbean Sea
  • Attended a Church Management and Tax Conference in Newark, NJ 2008 where he earned three hours of CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education) credits
  • Organized A cappella singing groups on numerous occasions
  • Conducted Marriage & Family Enrichment Seminars using power point presentations teaching the topics of the Theology of the Family, Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage
  • Twice Certified Public Television Producer with (BCAT) Brooklyn Community Access Television in the city of Brooklyn, NY and actually produced and aired several shows
  • Has preached the gospel in California, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, New Jersey, Washington State, North East Texas, Kansas, South Korea, Missouri, Mid-Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Country of Jamaica, and numerous churches and cities in the Central Texas area.
  • Have been teaching Koine Greek since 1986, and literally posses 28 college credit hours of Koine Greek with Southwestern Christian College and Seminary studies combined
  • Through 14 Teachers Training Courses, have taught, trained, and appointed 160 Bible School Teachers in the Seattle/Tacoma, Washington, New York, New Jersey, and Mid-Michigan areas combined. Out of these Training Courses, by the Holy Spirit of God, numerous Elders, and full time Evangelists as well as excellent Bible School Teachers, and other leaders for the Lord?s Church has been produced
  • Sat on panel for television program "Ask The Pastor? for TCT (Total Christian Television) on numerous occasions where biblical questions were answered for viewing audience.
Notes: Hello Fellow-Saints. My name is Larry Wofford Sr. I am an Evangelist/Minister of the main stream Acapella Churches Of Christ. I have been in the ministry for thirty plus years. I am searching for a congregation to work with who is serious about wanting a minister. I am searching for a congregation with men who will work with me as I follow the Lord Jesus Christ and I am looking for a congregation who really wants to grow and are willing to do what is necessary to achieve that growth. The Lord has blessed me to help churches to grow to double and triple in size, but I did not do this by myself. The memberships had a strong desire for growth both spiritually and numerically and were willing to follow the leadership and myself and as we did the work, and the Lord gave the increase (I Cor. 3:6). I have a proven track record and I have written this message to you because I have seen your add showing that you are searching for a minister and if your congregation is serious about the work, then I am seriously interested in serving with your congregation. You may see a sample of my preaching on my YouTube Channel titled Evangelist Larry Wofford. Just go to YouTube and type in Evangelist Larry Wofford and you will get me. I now thank you for your valuable time and may the Lord God Bless and keep you.
Yours in His Name,
Larry W. Wofford Sr.
PS. If you decide to contact me at 608-302-2902 please leave your name church you serve with and a brief message and I will most certainly call you back. The reason for this is that I am still teaching classes and counseling therefore my phone is constantly off.
Earliest date Available: October 31, 2019


5/31/2019—Benjamin C Estes
Position Requested: Full-time Pulpit Minister
531A Mifflin Ave
Henderson, TN 38340
Home phone: (731) 730-0285
Marital Status: Engaged
Desired Salary: 200-250 per week
Other Requests: plus housing allowance
  • World Video Bible School (currently enrolled}
  • Sunset International Bible Institute Online Bachelors Degree (enrolled)
  • Georgia School of Preaching Certificate (Enrolled)
Experience: 13 Years of traveling and fill in Preaching
Notes: I only Preach for the Churches of Christ
Earliest date Available: 06/10/2019


1/4/2019—Wayne Conner
Position Requested: Full-time Pulpit and/or Evangelism Minister
19 Vintage Court
Hamilton, NJ 08619
Home phone: (609) 556-9383
Marital Status: Married
Desired Salary: 30,000 yearly
Other Requests: plus housing allowance
  • Assoc in Biblicial Studies
  • BSUML both Genenva college 1999
Experience: Youth Minister 15 years Trenton NJ
Assoc Minister 6 years Trenton NJ
Minister Scarboro Church of Christ Oak Ridge Tenn 2 years
Minister Brooklyn Church of Christ Brooklyn NY 2 years
Notes: I am willing to and looking forward to working with a church reaching for the highest height in Christ Jesus
Earliest date Available: 1-7-2019


12/10/2018—Neil Binford
Position Requested: Part-time Pulpit Minister
310 Conroe St.
Longview, TX 75604
Cell Phone: (318) 418-8024
Marital Status: Married w/ Children: 4 Grown Daughters: Janna, Stephanie, Denise, Jennifer
  • MA in Religion (Bible) Eastern New Mexico University
Experience: since 1968, full time pulpit and campus minister
Notes: Will not censure or condemn other churches. Basically a teacher of God's Word. Even my preaching is like a class.
Earliest date Available: February 2019


11/20/2018—Benjamin C Estes
Position Requested: Full-time Pulpit Minister
531A Mifflin Ave
Henderson, TN 38340
Home phone: (731) 730-0285
Marital Status: Engaged
Desired Salary: 200-300 per week
Other Requests: plus housing plus housing allowance
Education: Experience: 2 years of traveling preaching
Earliest date Available: Asap


11/2/2018—Michael Summers
Position Requested: Full-time Pulpit Minister
126 Oakridge Ct
Lansing, KS 66043-1553
Cell Phone: 912-271-1479
Marital Status: Married w/ Children: 3
Desired Salary: Negotiable
Other Requests: plus housing allowance
  • Doctor of Ministry - Harding School of Theology, in progress
  • M.Th. (Master of Theology) - Harding School of Theology, 1982
  • B.A. in Bible - Freed-Hardeman University, 1978
  • Additional Master's level work in Political Science
Experience: 1982-1989 - Aberdeen Maryland Church of Christ - pulpit preacher
1993-2017 - Active duty U.S. Army and National Guard (Tennessee, Georgia) Chaplain, deployed to Croatia and Afghanistan, also Operation Jump Start
2015-present - Leavenworth Kansas Church of Christ -pulpit preacher (yes, there was almost two years overlap with Georgia National Guard Chaplaincy)
Notes: * Lansing, KS American Legion Chaplain
* Military Awards include Legion of Merit, Bronze Star Medal, and Meritorious Service Medal
* Certified to teach English and History in Georgia Public High Schools, 2005-2010
* Languages include Spanish, Koine Greek, and Biblical Hebrew
Earliest date Available: July 2019


8/30/2018—Jeffrey P Wittenburg
Position Requested: Full-time Pulpit, Youth, Family, Education, Administrative, Worship, Campus, and/or Involvement Minister
914 3rd St
Martinsburg, WV 25404
Home phone: (571) 258-9099 Cell Phone: (571) 258-9099
Marital Status: Married w/ Children: 2
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Management from Western Governors University
  • Bible-based education in homeschooling and within the Church (Sunday school, etc.) from a young age
  • Training for Church involvement in the "Future Preacher Training Camp," hosted by the Front Royal Church of Christ in Front Royal, VA
  • Regular personal Bible study
Experience: I am in the regular rotation of volunteer servants at my home congregation.
Regular duties include:
Song/worship leading, Leading Communion, Serving Communion, Leading various prayers during service.
Occasionally called as one of the men in the congregation to preach from the pulpit when the full-time preacher is unable to do so.
Occasionally chosen as a quarterly Sunday school teacher (for all age groups).
Author of a Blog examining what the Bible teaches in light of current events.
Notes: I am an edifier at heart, and search the Word fervently, and "meditate on it day and night (Joshua 1:8b) I recently have been given the opportunity to minister to several people, and have come to the conclusion that this is my calling: to guide spiritual growth through the study of the Bible.
Earliest date Available:




Ohio Valley University Students
Contact: OVU Bible Program, 304-865-6120 or 304-865-6123
Notes: the number of available students is limited since many of the students have a continuing responsibility each week with an area church. Student availability improves for Sunday or Wednesday evenings.


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Note: Preachers are encouraged to submit information to be included on this page. Only those specifically requesting a listing will be included.

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