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August 17, 2021 Update

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Ministers Looking Form
This page is regularly maintained by the Bible program. If your submission is not posted within a week, please contact to check the status of your entry rather than resubmitting multiple times. Posting times may take longer in the summer.

Ohio Valley University is a Christian university associated with Churches of Christ which use only a cappella music in their assemblies. This page is maintained by the OVU Bible department as a service to these Churches of Christ and ministers in the United States and Canada. Other church and minister listings are not posted here. Within the context of these guidelines, ministers are encouraged to submit information to be included on this page since only those specifically requesting a listing will be included. References and their contact information are not posted.

Those desiring to submit information are requested to use the Ministers Looking Form. Listings last six months. Those still looking after that time should resubmit a request.

Important Note: Because of the potential anonymity provided by email contact, no claim is made concerning the faithfulness or doctrinal positions of persons listed on this page. Churches using this list should carefully check the credentials of those they choose to contact.

Full-Time / Part-Time

[Note: Listings appear in reverse order of request for the listing, most recent first; resubmissions may appear in their original order with updated information.]

8/17/2021—David B. Joyce
Position Requested: Full-time Pulpit/Outreach Minister
4018 Chartres St
Houston, TX 77004
Cell Phone: (815) 509-6697
Marital Status: Single
Desired Salary: 35,000
  • Graduate - Auburn Sr. High School, Rockford, IL 1986
  • Graduate - OIC Technical Institute, Rockford, IL 1992
Experience: 30 years Bible teacher, 4 years Church Of Christ minister
Earliest date Available: 8/17/2021


7/15/2021—Dennis Saucier
Position Requested: Interim Pulpit Minister
4 Jones Street
Amston , CT 06231
Cell Phone: (860) 372-7051
Marital Status: Divorced
Desired Salary: 50,000
Other Requests: plus housing allowance
  • Associates White's Ferry Road School of Biblical Studies
  • Master of Divinity Abilene Christian University
  • Clinical Pastoral Education four units
Experience: 12 years pulpit ministry churches in NH, TX, NM, PA
26 Years U.S. Air Force Chaplaincy
5 Years Pastoral Care Facilitator U.S. Navy
Notes: Desire southern New England area
Earliest date Available: September 2021


6/5/2021—Craig A. Simon
Position Requested: Full-time Pulpit, Outreach, Evangelism, and/or Involvement Minister
110 Linden Cir.
Houston, MS 38851
Home phone: (662) 567-5215 Cell Phone: (662) 448-3884
Marital Status: Married w/ Children: 14 year old daughter
Desired Salary: 50-60K (Negotiable)
  • Heritage Christian University- 66 credit hours of general and biblical undergraduate studies.
  • Nations University- degrees possessed: Certificate in Biblical Studies; Bachelor in Religious Studies (3.95 GPA); Graduate Certificate in Biblical Studies (4.0 GPA). Degree pursing: Master of Theological Studies.
  • World Video Bible School Online School
Experience: South Jackson St. Church of Christ (Houston, MS) MINISTER March 2016-recent
Metropolis Church of Christ (Metropolis, IL) MINISTER Year of 2015
Mercer Church of Christ (Harrodsburg, KY) MINISTER Oct. 2011-Dec. 2014
LaRue County Church of Christ (Hodgenville, KY) MINISTER Jan. 2007-Sep. 2011
Notes: I am in good standing with my current congregation and the church knows I am looking to get closer to family. Looking in North AL and Central TN. My family is trying to get closer to Ardmore, AL to help care for aging in-laws and relieve some of their physical burdens.
I grew up in the Church of Christ. My father preaches in Harrisburg, IL. My father-in-law preaches at Friendship church of Christ in Toney, AL.
Earliest date Available: Negotiable


6/3/2021—Jeffery King
Position Requested: Full-time Pulpit Minister
27670 US Hwy 98 Apt 36
Daphne, AL 36526
Home phone: (228) 369-1958 Cell Phone: (228) 369-1958
Website: easternshore church of
Marital Status: Married
Desired Salary: open
Other Requests: plus housing allowance
  • Northwest Florida School Of Biblical Studies
Experience: fill in preaching for 15 years
Notes: I am a soon to be peaching school graduate; Aug 7 is my last day. I am a 51 year old African American country preacher looking for a congregation to grow with
Earliest date Available: 9/1/2021


5/21/2021—Daniel Freeman
Position Requested: Full-time Pulpit/Outreach/Evangelism Minister
1002 W M Street
McCook, NE 69001
Cell Phone: (308) 737-5089
Marital Status: Married w/ Children: yes, but grown and on there own
Desired Salary: 0.00
Other Requests: plus Need help initially for housing, moving
  • BA in Bible. Lubbock Christian University. MS in Bible & Ministry.
Experience: 20 years preaching and teaching in several congregations. Have participated in several campaigns for Christ and did some missionary work in Haiti.
Notes: Preacher Looking - for doctrinally sound congregation. I want to work a secular job in your town or city and minister to a congregation for $0.00 salary to the glory of God. I have 20 years preaching and teaching experience in several congregations. I have two degrees in the Bible and ministry. I?m committed to Christ and His church. I also have a love for the lost and want to win souls from sin and death. I would need help moving and help initially with a place to live in for my wife Patti, my cat Bella, and myself. If you would be interested then reply "interested" and send me a message to or call me on my cell at 308-737-5089.
In His Loving Kindness,
Daniel Freeman
Earliest date Available: 06-15-21


2/26/2021—Britt Farmer
Position Requested: Full-time Pulpit/Administrative/Involvement/Associate Minister
P.O. Box 150460
Fort Worth,, Texas 76108
Home phone: (817) 422-6725
Marital Status: Married
Desired Salary: 5000 mo
Other Requests: plus housing allowance
  • 1987 Graduate of White's Ferry Road of Biblical Studies
  • 1987 Graduate of American Christian College BS in Sacred Lit.
Experience: Full time preaching minister since 1987
Earliest date Available: 2-26-21


No other listings are currently available
Note: Preachers are encouraged to submit information to be included on this page. Only those specifically requesting a listing will be included.

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