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Ministers Looking for Churches

March 1, 2021 Update

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Ministers Looking Form
This page is regularly maintained by the Bible program. If your submission is not posted within a week, please contact to check the status of your entry rather than resubmitting multiple times. Posting times may take longer in the summer.

Ohio Valley University is a Christian university associated with Churches of Christ which use only a cappella music in their assemblies. This page is maintained by the OVU Bible department as a service to these Churches of Christ and ministers in the United States and Canada. Other church and minister listings are not posted here. Within the context of these guidelines, ministers are encouraged to submit information to be included on this page since only those specifically requesting a listing will be included. References and their contact information are not posted.

Those desiring to submit information are requested to use the Ministers Looking Form. Listings last six months. Those still looking after that time should resubmit a request.

Important Note: Because of the potential anonymity provided by email contact, no claim is made concerning the faithfulness or doctrinal positions of persons listed on this page. Churches using this list should carefully check the credentials of those they choose to contact.

Full-Time / Part-Time

[Note: Listings appear in reverse order of request for the listing, most recent first; resubmissions may appear in their original order with updated information.]

2/26/2021—Britt Farmer
Position Requested: Full-time Pulpit/Administrative/Involvement/Associate Minister
P.O. Box 150460
Fort Worth,, Texas 76108
Home phone: (817) 422-6725
Marital Status: Married
Desired Salary: 5000 mo
Other Requests: plus housing allowance
  • 1987 Graduate of White's Ferry Road of Biblical Studies
  • 1987 Graduate of American Christian College BS in Sacred Lit.
Experience: Full time preaching minister since 1987
Earliest date Available: 2-26-21


No other listings are currently available
Note: Preachers are encouraged to submit information to be included on this page. Only those specifically requesting a listing will be included.

For more information concerning this listing, contact:

Bible Department
Ohio Valley University
1 Campus View Drive
Vienna, WV 26105

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