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So we are ambassadors for Christ, God making his appeal through us. . . .
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BIB 320 Personal Evangelism (3 credits) Methods of and motives for personal evangelism are combined with laboratory and field experiences in personal and home Bible study. Offered fall, odd-numbered years.

BIB 322 Introduction to Missions (3 credits) A study of biblical principles relating to world evangelism, with a survey of current world evangelism methods and how the most productive methods relate to Biblical methods. Offered fall, even-numbered years. Syllabus Web Site

BIB 325 Ministry Field Laboratory (1-3 credits) Individual or group experience in conducting ministry or missions. Field Laboratory may be focused in pulpit ministry, educational ministry, youth ministry, family life ministry, missions, or another ministry experience. Techniques of interpersonal communications and ministry or mission methods are practiced in a natural setting. If the Field Laboratory is focused on missions, either BIB 322 or SOC 341 is recommended previously or simultaneously. If Field Laboratory is taken as a second practicum in addition to BIB 425, the field laboratory experience must differ from the 425 experience. If Field Laboratory is focused on camp counseling, PHED 130 must be taken previously or simultaneously. Does not fulfill institutional Bible course requirements.

BIB 332 Global Missions Awareness (2 hours) An introduction to global religious concerns, with components introducing world religions, missions issues, global ethical issues, and cultural and social anthropology. Offered fall, odd-numbered years.

BIB 353 Urban Ministry (3 credits) This course focuses on Christian mission and ministry in the world's growing cities. A practical ministry course. Fulfills diversity requirement. Offered fall or Maymester, even-numbered years.

BIB 422 Church Growth and Planting (2 credits) A survey of crucial factors in church growth and methodology for planting a church at home or abroad. A practical ministry course. Offered spring, odd-numbered years. Syllabus Web Site

SOC 341 Cultural Anthropology (3 credits) A study of human culture and its variations around the world. The course will discuss the integrative patterning of worldview, values, and behavior, with special emphasis on social structures, religion, language, and culture change, as well as the practical application of cultural anthropology to Christian missions. Offered spring, odd-numbered years. Syllabus Web Site

REL 441 Major World Religions (3 credits) A historical and comparative analysis of the major living world religions: Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, and Islam. Key religious concepts such as, divinity, revelation, spirituality, community, liturgy, cosmology, ethics and eschatology will be compared to and contrasted with the corresponding biblical perspective. Offered spring, even-numbered years. Fulfills upper-level Bible course requirement.

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