An Open Letter from the Teachers of Missions Workshop, Irving, Texas, February 26, 2000

Teachers of Missions Identify New Resources

For 25 years the teachers of missions from the various colleges, universities, and training schools of the churches of Christ have met to discuss the challenges, needs, resources, and opportunities for cross-cultural evangelism and church planting. We rejoice in the increase in the number of trained missionaries, mission teams, and teachers of missions that have been used by God to plant churches all over the world. In addition, the World Mission Workshop continues as a vibrant influence in motivating college students to become missionaries. More churches are willing to send and more teams are going.

In February, 2000, the Teachers of Missions Workshop focused attention on recruiting and training second-career servants of God. We want to facilitate a process to involve more adults, especially "baby boomers" in missions. The members of the Boomer generation (born 1946-1964) can retire early, enjoy longevity which gives them 20-30 years in retirement, are affluent and highly skilled, and have a passion for spiritual service for second careers (post-retirement). For at least the next 30 years the church will have a unique source of personnel for missions in this generation who will have the resources, health, and desire to actively participate in cross-cultural ministry. Creative training opportunities are needed for mid-career adults. Mission enrichment seminars and special training workshops should be created to equip the church to train and recruit more older adults for missions.

Your response will bring you research materials on the "Boomers," bibliographies, and other resources and Internet home sites. We, the teachers of missions, do respectfully request your prayers and involvement in facilitating this visionary process.

Signed by the following:

Herman C. Alexander
Mark Berryman
Janice Bingham
Mark Blackwelder
Bettye Blay
Kenneth D. Bolden
Mr. & Mrs. Wendell Broom
Bob Carpenter
Monte Cox
Gwynneth Curtis
Sonny & Eunice Guild
Kirk Hayes
Layne Heitz
Gordon Hogan
Mark Hooper
Mr. & Mrs. Tobey Huff
Evertt W. Huffard
Mr. & Mrs. Jay Jarboe
Stuart & Celilia Jones
Ed Matthews
Joe McKissick
John McMillan
Phyllis Phillips
Charlie Pruett
Bill Richardson
Daniel A. Rodriguez
Luis Rosas
LaVonne B. Scott
Ken Sinclair
Mr. & Mrs. Kent Smith
Charles Stelding
Bruce Terry
Gailyn and Becky Van Rheenen
Bob Waldron
Mr. & Mrs. Jack Walker
Clay Whidden
Dwight Whitsett

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