Daniel 8-9

  1. What did the ram and the he-goat represent in the vision in Daniel 8?


  2. What did the great horn and the four smaller horns that replaced it represent in the vision in Daniel 8?


  3. What was the name of the angel who explained the visions to Daniel in chapters 8 and 9?


  4. How many weeks ("sevens" NIV) did the angel say were decreed for Daniel's people and the holy city? (Daniel 9)


  5. For what six reasons were these weeks ("sevens" NIV) decreed? (Daniel 9)


  6. Who would come and be cut off after sixty-two weeks ("sevens" NIV)? (Daniel 9)


  7. What would the people of the ruler who is to come do to the city and the sanctuary? (Daniel 9)


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