Ezekiel 12-16

  1. What proverb were people saying that God says He will put an end to?

  2. What were the people saying about visions and prophecy that makes God say He would delay no longer?

  3. What does God say is the source out of which the prophets prophesy? What do they follow? What two things does He say they have seen? What do they utter?
  4. What was the content of the message that the prophets brought to the people and misled them? What have they done to the wall the people built, metaphorically speaking?


  5. What two things were the women doing that brought God's woe on them?


  6. What three righteous men could save only themselves and not the faithless country they were in?


  7. What do people not make from the wood of a vine? What do they do with the wood of the vine?


  8. After God took Jerusalem for His wife, what did she do when she trusted in her beauty?


  9. In the allegory of chapter 16, who was Jerusalem's older sister? Who was her younger sister?


  10. What were the sins of Sodom?


  11. What kind of covenant was the LORD going to establish with Jerusalem?


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