Ezekiel 17-24

  1. Who did the two eagles in the allegory of the eagles and the cedar represent?


  2. What proverb about grapes was being quoted in Ezekiel's time?


  3. Who did God say would die?


  4. What two representations of the "mother" of the princes of Israel are given in the allegories of chapter 19?


  5. What was given to Israel as a sign between God and them?


  6. God told Ezekiel that the crown would be removed until when?


  7. What were the names of the two prostitutes who metaphorically stood for Samaria and Jerusalem?


  8. On what day did the king of Babylon lay siege to Jerusalem?


  9. What does God metaphorically liken Jerusalem to that has a fire built beneath it?


  10. Who close to Ezekiel died? What was Ezekiel's response as God had commanded?


  11. On the day that a fugitive came to Ezekiel to tell him the news that Jerusalem had fallen, what happened to Ezekiel?


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