Ezekiel 25-33

  1. Who did God tell Ezekiel was going to destroy the city of Tyre?


  2. Against whom is the prophecy and lament of chapter 28 spoken?


  3. What did the prince with the proud heart say he was and where did he sit? What did God say he was?


  4. What kind of death and by the hands of whom would the prince die?


  5. In what two places does God say the king was? With what kind of heavenly creature does He associate the king?


  6. How would Egypt rank among the kingdoms when God restored it from captivity?


  7. When Pharaoh king of Egypt was destroyed by the king of Babylon, what did God say would happen to the sun, moon, and stars?


  8. What does God not have pleasure in? What will not deliver or save a righteous man when he sins and transgresses?


  9. On what day was Ezekiel told that Jerusalem had fallen? What happened to Ezekiel on that day?


  10. What did the Israelites show with their mouths? What was their heart set on or full of?


  11. What was Ezekiel like to the Israelites after Jerusalem fell?


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