Ezekiel 34-39

  1. Who were the shepherds of Israel feeding? What happened to the sheep?


  2. Who does God say He will make shepherd of the sheep? (two answers)


  3. What does God say He will put in His people when He gives them a heart of flesh instead of a heart of stone?


  4. When Ezekiel prophesied the first time what happened to the bones in the valley of dry bones? What happened when he prophecied again?


  5. What was the meaning of the vision of the valley of dry bones?


  6. What was Ezekiel told to write upon the two sticks?


  7. What was Ezekiel to do with the two sticks after he had written on them? What did this symbolize?


  8. Who did Ezekiel say would be king over the people?


  9. Who was Gog (i.e., where was he from and who was he prince over)?


  10. What nations would join Meshech and Tubal in attacking Israel?


  11. How long would it take to burn the weapons of Magog and its allies after they were destroyed?


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