Isaiah 10-21: Homework

  1. What two things does God say that Assyria is in His hand?


  2. What metaphor does Isaiah use to describe the One who was to be decended from Jesse?


  3. What city is the oracle in chapter 13 about?


  4. What will happen to the heavenly bodies on the day of the LORD that Isaiah speaks of in chapter 13?


  5. What will happen to men, women, and children on that day?


  6. What people will God use to show his punishment on Babylon?


  7. Who is the oracle in chapter 14 about?


  8. What will the spirits of the dead in Sheol say to this one when he dies?


  9. What had this one said in his heart that was boastfully wicked?


  10. What two kingdoms does God speak against in chapter 17? What major city is mentioned as the capital of one of them?


  11. What two African kingdoms does God speak against in chapters 18-20?


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