Isaiah 22-29: Homework

  1. Where did the people of Jerusalem get the stones to build up the walls for defense?


  2. What were the people doing when they should have been weeping and mourning, shaving their heads, and wearing sackcloth?


  3. Who had used his position to hew out a rock tomb for himself?


  4. To what kind of woman does God liken the city of Tyre?


  5. What will God do with death? What will He do with tears?


  6. In chapter 26, what does God say will happen to Israel's dead who dwell in the dust?


  7. What three line children's diddy were Isaiah's opponents characterizing his message as being?


  8. Who would God use to speak to the people who rejected his message and refused to hear of His rest?


  9. What kind of foundation was God laying in Zion?


  10. What two reasons would people give for not being able to read a sealed book?


  11. How did the people worship God? How did they not worship Him?


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