Isaiah 36-39
Study Questions

  1. On what country did the Rabshakeh (Assyrian field commander) say that the Jews were relying?

  2. To what did the Rabshakeh liken this country?

  3. What had Hezekiah done that made the Rabshakeh say he could not rely on the LORD?

  4. What wager did the Rabshakeh make with the Jews?

  5. Who did the Rabshakeh say had not been able to deliver any of the nations out of the hand of the king of Assyria?

  6. What did Isaiah say would happen to the king of Assyria?

  7. Why did Hezekiah say to God that the gods of the nations had not been able to deliver them?

  8. What did God through Isaiah say that the king of Assyria had done against the Holy One of Israel?

  9. Who determined that the king of Assyria would conquer nations? For how long had this been planned?

  10. What did God say that He knew about the king of Assyria?

  11. What would God put in the king of Assyria's nose and mouth? Why?

  12. What sign that this would happen did God give Hezekiah though Isaiah?

  13. What did God say that the king of Assyria would not do?

  14. How did Sennacherib die?

  15. In what position did Hezekiah pray to God when he was told he was to die soon?

  16. What sign did God give Hezekiah though Isaiah that he would be healed?

  17. What can Sheol and death not do that they living can?

  18. What did they put on Hezekiah's boil that he might recover?

  19. What did Isaiah tell Hezekiah would be carried off to Babylon?

  20. Why did Hezekiah say this word of the LORD was good?

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