Isaiah 36-39: Homework

  1. What king of Assyria came against the cities of Judah in the fourteenth year of Hezekiah? Who did he send to Jerusalem from Lachish?


  2. What language did the Jewish leaders want the Assyrian representative to speak in? What language did he speak in?


  3. On what country did the Assyrian representative say that the Jews were relying? To what did he liken this country?


  4. What steps did King Hezekiah take when he heard what the Assyrian representative said?


  5. What did King Hezekiah do when he received a letter from the King of Assyria?


  6. Who determined that the king of Assyria would conquer nations? For how long had this been planned?


  7. How many Assyrians died in one night?


  8. In what position did Hezekiah pray to God when he was told he was to die soon?


  9. How many years did God add to Hezekiah's life when he prayed to Him in his sickness?


  10. To whom did Hezekiah show all the treasures of his house?


  11. What did Isaiah tell Hezekiah would be carried off to Babylon?


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