Isaiah 40-45
Study Questions

  1. What is like grass? What happens to grass?

  2. What stands forever?

  3. Like what does God consider the nations of the world?

  4. Out of what substances are idols made? Who all makes it?

  5. What does God challenge the idols to say so that people might know that they really are gods?

  6. What two things does God challenge the idols to do so that they might be feared?

  7. What will God's servant not break and not quench? What will he establish?

  8. When does God tell of new things?

  9. What does Isaiah say to sing to the Lord?

  10. What two things does Jehovah say that the Israelites are?

  11. What was not formed before God?

  12. What was God doing that caused Him to say not to remember or to forget the former things?

  13. What did the people bring to God rather than sacrifices and offerings that burdened and wearied Him?

  14. On whom did God say he would pour out his Spirit? What metaphor for Spirit does he also say He will pour out?

  15. What does God say there is not besides or apart from Him?

  16. What tradesmen make idols?

  17. Who helped God stretch out the heavens?

  18. What is it that Cyrus does not know?

  19. What two contrasting things is God both responsible for producing?

  20. What does clay not say to the potter?

  21. Who is it that hides himself?

  22. What did God not create the earth to be? What did He form it to be?

  23. Where did God not speak?

  24. What will bow to God?

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