Isaiah 46-51
Study Questions

  1. What two idols of Babylon will be carried off into captivity?

  2. What do men use to help carry idols? When they carry them themselves, where do they lift them to?

  3. What happens when one cried to an idol?

  4. What would the "Virgin Daughter of Babylon" no longer be called?

  5. What does God say that astrologers will be like when the fire comes?

  6. In what time frame does God act to bring about things that He foretold long ago?

  7. When God predicts new, hidden things, what is He trying to keep people from saying?

  8. In what furnace does God refine, try, and test people?

  9. Why was Israel sold to the creditors? Why was it's "mother" given a divorce?

  10. What did people question whether God's hand or arm was too short to do?

  11. What was the name of the monster dragon which God defeated?

  12. To what does God compare mortal men whom He says not to fear?

  13. What had Jerusalem been made to drink?

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