Isaiah 52-59
Study Questions

  1. What does God say the people will be redeemed without?

  2. What is beautiful on the mountains?

  3. How was the appearance of God's servant marred or disfigured?

  4. What phrase does Isaiah use to describe what kind of man God's servant is? With what was he acquainted or familiar?

  5. What has God's servant taken or borne and carried?

  6. Why was God's servant pierced with wounds? Why was He crushed and bruised?

  7. By what are we healed?

  8. Like what have we gone astray?

  9. What has the LORD laid on His servant?

  10. With whom was God's servant given a grave?

  11. What was not in God's servant's mouth?

  12. What kind of offering was God's servant?

  13. What will God's righteous servant do to many by his knowledge?

  14. What did God's servant pour out? With what was He numbered?

  15. What did God's servant bear or carry? For whom did He make intercession?

  16. Who does God say should sing?

  17. Who will have more children? Who will have fewer?

  18. What will be taken away before God's love is taken away?

  19. When should one seek the LORD? What should the wicked forsake?

  20. In what way will God's word not return to Him?

  21. What should the eunuch not say? What will God give eunuches who choose what pleases God?

  22. When the righteous perish, from what are they taken away and spared?

  23. On what do idolaters offer sacrifice and make their bed?

  24. To what two peoples does God offer peace? For whom is there no peace?

  25. Why does God not accept the people's fasting?

  26. What is God's hand not? What is His ear not?

  27. To what do the people's feet run? What do the people not know?

  28. When God saw that no one would intervene with justice, what brought Him salvation and victory?

  29. What kind of armor and clothing did God put on?

  30. Where will people fear the name and glory of the LORD?

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