Isaiah 60-66
Study Questions

  1. What in chapter 61 is on God's servant?

  2. What year was God's servant to proclaim? What day?

  3. What does the LORD love? What does He hate?

  4. What made God's clothing red?

  5. If we are the clay, what is God?

  6. What is the relationship between us and the hand of God?

  7. By whom was God found?

  8. What two things will no longer be heard in Jerusalem?

  9. What will be the age of a "child" who dies in the new world?

  10. What two animals will feed together?

  11. What will a lion eat? What will a snake eat?

  12. What is God's throne? What is His footstool?

  13. What has God's hand made?

  14. What of those who rebelled against God would not die?

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