Isaiah 7-12
Study Questions

  1. What message did God give Isaiah to deliver to King Ahaz that should have been a comfort to him if he had believed it? (chap. 7)

  2. Whom should Isaiah regard as holy? Whom should he fear? (chap. 8)

  3. What kind of stone and rock would God be? (chap. 8)

  4. When the people consult mediums and wizards, whom are they trying to consult that is not smart? Whom should they consult? (chap. 8)

  5. The land of what two tribes was formerly in contempt or humbled? (chap. 9)

  6. What would the people living in darkness see? (chap. 9)

  7. By what two things did the king of Assyria in his pride say that he had conquered nations? (chap. 10)

  8. How easily did the king of Assyria say that he had gathered the wealth of the people of nations around him? (chap. 10)

  9. What two questions regarding tools did God mention as regards Him and the king of Assyria? (chap. 10)

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