Jeremiah 1-10

  1. When did God know Jeremiah?


  2. When people had forsaken God, what did they hew or dig out for themselves? What was the characteristic of these things?


  3. To what marital circumstance did God liken Israel's desire to return to Him that He said would greatly pollute or defile the land?


  4. What kind of circumcision did God want the men of Judah to perform?


  5. Whose rights did God want His people to defend?


  6. What had the people forgotten how to do because of their lack of shame?


  7. What should those who stand by the crossroads ask for so that they can walk in them?


  8. What did God say that His house which is called by His name had become in their eyes?


  9. When the people wouldn't obey God, what did they walk in or follow?


  10. What do those who heal the wound of God's people lightly say?


  11. What was the condition of the people when the harvest was over at the end of the summer?


  12. Why does God say that one should not be terrified or dismayed at the signs in the heavens?


  13. Why does God say that the shepherds are stupid and senseless?


  14. What is not in man? (two answers)


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