Jeremiah 1-6
Study Questions

  1. To what did God appoint Jeremiah a prophet? (chap. 1)

  2. What was Jeremiah's response to God? (chap. 1)

  3. Over what did God set or appoint Jeremiah? (chap. 1)

  4. What did Jeremiah see in his first vision? What word does this sound like in Hebrew? (chap. 1)

  5. What did Jeremiah see in his second vision? Where was the evil disaster coming from? (chap. 1)

  6. What does God say that he nations around had never changed? What had God's people changed or exchanged? (chap. 2)

  7. What kind of fountain or spring does God say that He is? (chap. 2)

  8. What will a maiden not forget? What will a bride not forget? What had God's people forgotten? For how long? (chap. 2)

  9. During the days of king Josiah, in what way had Judah not returned to God? In what way had Judah returned to God? (chap. 3)

  10. Which does God say is less guilty: Israel or Judah? (chap. 3)

  11. What had the people who refused to repent made their faces harder than? (chap. 5)

  12. What metaphor does God use to describe the adulterers? (chap. 5)

  13. What do the people love for the prophets and priests to do? (chap. 5)

  14. What do those who heal the wound of God's people lightly say? (chap. 6)

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