Jeremiah 11-16
Study Questions

  1. How many gods were the people of Judah following? (chap. 11)

  2. What did the men of Anathoth threaten to do to Jeremiah? (chap. 11)

  3. What happened to the linen belt or waistcloth that Jeremiah buried besides the Euphrates? (chap. 13)

  4. What proverb/prophecy about wine did God turn around on the people? (chap. 13)

  5. What did the people do to themselves when they are ashamed? (chap. 14)

  6. What did the false prophets say the people would not see and have/suffer? (chap. 14)

  7. By what means would the false prophets die? (chap. 14)

  8. What two intercessors would God not even listen to because of these people's sins? (chap. 15)

  9. What four destinies would happen to the people? (chap. 15)

  10. What does God say He is weary of? (chap. 15; not in NIV)

  11. What two things had Jeremiah not done, and yet people still cursed him? (chap. 15)

  12. What five things in Hebrew culture did people do to show their grief when someone died? (chap. 16)

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