Jeremiah 17-22
Study Questions

  1. What gate of Jerusalem did the kings of Judah go in and out of? (chap. 17)

  2. On what day did God not want people to carry a burden? (chap. 17)

  3. What was the house of Israel like in God's hand? (chap. 18)

  4. If God prophesies that He will bless a nation and that nation turns to evil, what will God do? (chap. 18)

  5. To what false god were the Israelites burning their sons in the fire as an offering? (chap. 19)

  6. What would God make the people eat in the siege of Jerusalem? (chap. 19)

  7. Who put Jeremiah in stocks? What name did Jeremiah give him? (chap. 20)

  8. Where did Jeremiah say that the priest who put him in stocks would die? (chap. 20)

  9. What did Jeremiah say happens to him all the day? (chap. 20)

  10. Where did Jeremiah wish he had been killed? (chap. 20)

  11. Into whose hand would Zedekiah be given? (chap. 21)

  12. What did Jeremiah say would happen to Shallum (Jehoahaz) the son of Josiah? (chap. 22)

  13. What kind of burial did Jeremiah say Jehoikim would have? (chap. 22)

  14. What did Jeremiah prophesy about the offspring of Coniah (Jehoiachin)? (chap. 22)

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