Jeremiah 20-28

  1. How did Jeremiah's heart feel when he said he would not speak in God's name any more?


  2. What day did Jeremiah curse?


  3. What did the word of the Lord say that kings and people should (a) do and (b) not do in order to insure that kings would continue to sit on the throne of David?


  4. What did God say he would raise up for David?


  5. What are five sources of false prophecy found in Jeremiah 23?


  6. Who were the good figs like in the vision of the two baskets of figs? Who were the bad figs like?


  7. How long would the nation serve the king of Babylon?


  8. Who rescued Jeremiah from being put to death by the priests and the prophets?


  9. What was Jeremiah told by God to put on his neck?


  10. How can one know that a prophet who prophesies peace has been sent by the LORD?


  11. What did Jeremiah say that Hananiah had made people trust?

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