Jeremiah 35-40
Study Questions

  1. Where were the Rechabites supposed to live? (chap. 35)

  2. Why did the Rechabites go to Jerusalem? (chap. 35)

  3. What promise did God give the Rechabites through Jeremiah? (chap. 35)

  4. When was Jeremiah told to write down the words on a scroll? (chap. 36)

  5. What was Jeremiah not allowed to do? (chap. 36)

  6. Where did Baruch read the words of Jeremiah? When? (chap. 36)

  7. Who heard the words read from the scroll? (chap. 36)

  8. What did the king's princes tell Baruch that he and Jeremiah were to do while they took the scroll to the king? (chap. 36)

  9. What month was it when the king burnt the scroll of Jeremiah? (chap. 36)

  10. How many columns of the scroll were read before the king would cut them off and throw them in the fire? (chap. 36)

  11. What did God tell Jeremiah to do after the scroll was burned? (chap. 36)

  12. What did Jeremiah tell King Zedekiah that Pharaoh's army was about to do? (chap. 37)

  13. Why did Jeremiah try to leave Jerusalem for the land of Benjamin? (chap. 37)

  14. In whose house was Jeremiah imprisoned? Where was his cell located? (chap. 37)

  15. Where did King Zedekiah have Jeremiah placed as prisoner? What was he given each day? (chap. 37)

  16. Who rescued Jeremiah from the cistern? What was his race and sexual condition? (chap. 38)

  17. What was Jeremiah pulled out the cistern with? What did he put under his arms? (chap. 38)

  18. Why was King Zedekiah afraid to surrender to the king of Babylon? (chap. 38)

  19. When the walls of Jerusalem were breached, where did Nebuchadnezzar's officers come and sit? (chap. 39)

  20. What did Zedekiah and his soldiers do when the Babylonians breached the wall? When did they do it? (chap. 39)

  21. What did Nebuchadrezzar do to Zedekiah's eyes? Who did he kill before he did this? (chap. 39)

  22. What did the Babylonians do to the walls of Jerusalem? (chap. 39)

  23. Who did Nebuzaradan, the captain of the guard, leave in the land? (chap. 39)

  24. What promise did God give to Ebed-melech through Jeremiah? (chap. 39)

  25. To what city had Jeremiah be taken bound in chains? (chap. 40)

  26. What choices did Nebuzaradan offer Jeremiah? (chap. 40)

  27. Who did the king of Babylon appoint governor over the land? Where did he stay? (chap. 40)

  28. Who warned the governor that he was in danger of being killed? Who was he warned wanted to kill him? (chap. 40)

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