Jeremiah 41-45

  1. Who killed Gedaliah? Who led the forces that went to fight the killer?


  2. How long after the people asked Jeremiah to inquire of he LORD did the word of the LORD come to Jeremiah?


  3. Where did God tell Jeremiah that the people were not to go?


  4. Who did the people accuse Jeremiah of listening to rather than giving a prophecy from God?


  5. Who did Jeremiah say would set up his throne over the stones that he hid in the pavement at Tahpanhes?


  6. Who did the people say that they had and were going to burn incense to, pour out libations (drink offerings) to, and make cakes for?


  7. What question did God ask Baruch? How did God answer the question? What reason did He give for His answer?


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