Jeremiah 41-45
Study Questions

  1. What did the men who Ishmael did not kill say to him to keep from being killed? (chap. 41)


  2. Who did Ishmael take captive? (chap. 41)


  3. To whom did Ishmael flee? (chap. 41)


  4. What did the people come to Jeremiah to ask for? What did they say they would do? (chap. 42)


  5. Who led the Jews to Egypt? (chap. 43)


  6. What did God say He was going to do to the remnant of Judah that was in Egypt? (chap. 44)


  7. What did God say that He was watching over the people of Judah for? (chap. 44)


  8. What was Baruch's complaint? What promise did God make to Baruch? (chap. 45)


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