Jeremiah 46-52
Study Questions

  1. What king attacked Gaza? (chap. 47)

  2. What god of the Moabites will be taken captive with his priests and princes? (chap. 48)

  3. What did the Moabites do with the hair on their heads and faces when they lamented, mourned, and wailed? (chap. 48)

  4. What god of the Ammonites will be taken captive with his priests and princes? (chap. 49)

  5. What was the city of Teman noted for that seems to be gone? (chap. 49)

  6. Where had the shepherds led God's people? (chap. 50)

  7. What is a goldsmith put to shame by? (chap. 51)

  8. What was Seraiah supposed to do with the book/scroll about Babylon which Jeremiah had written after he had read it aloud? (chap. 51)

  9. What does Jeremiah chapter 51 end with?

  10. How long did Zedekiah reign as king? (chap. 52)

  11. Where was Zedekiah captured? What did he see before his eyes were put out? (chap. 52)

  12. Who did Nebuzaradan leave in the land? (chap. 52)

  13. What did the Babylonians do with the bronze pillars and the bronze sea that were in the temple? (chap. 52)

  14. What did Evil-merodach king of Babylon do with Jehoiachin? (chap. 52)

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