Jeremiah 46-52

  1. What king did God say was going to come and attack the land of Egypt?


  2. What does God put on the one who is lax or slack in doing the Lord's work?


  3. Into what does one who flees from terror fall? What happens to him if he climbs out again?


  4. What gods of Babylon will be shamed and terrorized when it is captured?


  5. What does Jeremiah say will dwell in Babylon in the future?


  6. What people does Jeremiah say that God is going to stir up against Babylon in vengeance for His temple?


  7. What does Jeremiah chapter 51 end with?


  8. What did Nebuzaradan burn with fire?


  9. Who did Nebuzaradan leave in the land?


  10. What did the Babylonians do with the bronze pillars and the bronze sea that were in the temple?


  11. What did Evil-merodach king of Babylon do with Jehoiachin?


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