Jeremiah 7-10
Study Questions

  1. What deceptive words does God say not to trust in? (chap. 7)

  2. At what place in Israel did God make His name dwell at first? (chap. 7)

  3. What did the children, the fathers, and the women do to provoke God to anger? (chap. 7)

  4. What did God tell Jeremiah that the people's response would be when he spoke all these words to them? (chap. 7)

  5. What did the people do to their hair when they lamented what was happening to them? (chap. 7)

  6. For what purpose did the people built the high place of Topheth in the Valley of the sons (ben) of Hinnom? What did God think about this? (chap. 7)

  7. What had the people forgotten how to do because of their lack of shame? (chap. 8)

  8. What was found in Gilead? (chap. 8)

  9. What did Jeremiah wish that his eyes were so he could weep for his people? (chap. 9)

  10. What should the wise, strong, and rich not boast about? What should the one who boasts boast about? (chap. 9)

  11. What metaphor does Jeremiah use to describe the idols that cannot speak or move? (chap. 10)

  12. What will happen to the gods who did not make the heavens and the earth? (chap. 10)

  13. What is a goldsmith put to shame by? (chap. 10)

  14. How does Jeremiah want God to correct him? (chap. 10)

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