Introduction to Jeremiah

Jeremiah son of Hilkiah, a priest from Anathoth (cf. 1Kings 2:26)
"weeping prophet" (14:17)
unmarried (16:1-13)
almost taken into captivity on 3rd time, but freed
dies in Egypt
friend Baruch was scribe
chapter 36 tells how book was almost destroyed

from 13th year of Josiah's reign, ca. 627 BC
over 40 years
until after 586 BC, the destruction of Jerusalem

1-25 poetry

call in chapter 1
26-52 prose
30-33 Book of Consolation (30-31 poetry)
34-45 narrative of Jeremiah around destruction of Jerusalem
46-51 oracles against the nations
52 appendix on destruction of Jerusalem

LXX is 1/8 shorter, missing 2700 words chapters 46-51 moved between 25:13-15

Josiah (dies 609 BC)
Jehoahaz (3 months)
Jehoichin (3 months)
governor Gedaliah

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